Retire your career,
not your life!

Club Kibrahacha 60+ promotes an independent way of living for the elderly in the modern society based upon their capability and opportunity.




Who we are?

Club Kibrahacha was funded in 1983 as an initiative of the Aruba Rotary Club. After a lot of preparation, “Fundacion Centro Pa Nos Grandinan” was officially established on September 9, 1985 in the district of Piedra Plat. 

The objective of the foundation is to establish and maintain an activity center for our senior citizens.

What we do?

Club Kibrahacha promotes an independent lifestyle for our senior citizens living in a modern society, based on their capabilities and resources. Our services are aimed at creating engagement with senior citizens so they can maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, for as long as possible. We aim to promote a positive attitude, good health, independence, gain more knowledge and skills, and to keep participating in social interactions. With the help of our volunteers, and our staff, we provide high quality services to our participants.

Become a member

Membership rules and regulations

  1. Membership is available for all 60+ senior citizens.
  2. The member must be able to move independently.
  3. The member must be mentally fit, does not suffer from Alzheimer, or (starting stages of) dementia.

For more information regarding our membership please call Club Kibrahacha at (+297)582 8159.

Want to register to become a member? Feel free to visit us at Club Kibrahacha, located at Piedra Plat 23, Aruba.

Club Kibrahacha offers different activities for all our members to participate in, such as physical activities, art, recreational and educational activities. Our daily activities take place from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 AM – 11:30 AM. Below you can find all activities we provide, including the times and dates.


A creative program that uses a variety of different materials. 

Cardio fit

A form of exercise to strengthen muscles, of the leg, shoulder, and back. Also helps to optimize the physical condition

Internet Cafe

Opportunity to learn more about computers, tablets, and smartphones. There are also training and guidance for social media and online banking.

Transport services

Club Kibrahacha also provides a complete transport service, from your home to the activity center, and back to your home. In other words, participants are picked up at their home and they are brought back to their homes afterwards. Once a week, all districts of Aruba are provided the chance to visit Club Kibrahacha. Our pick-ups services start at 8:00 AM and participants are dropped off at home after the activities are completed. This service is included in the monthly contribution fee.

Club Kibrahacha counts on its volunteers to be able to provide a wide range of different activities for our senior citizens. Volunteers also help with different tasks which need to be accomplished at the foundation.

Become a volunteer

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”